This Week{end} on the Farmstead, September 13

Good morning and happy weekend to you all! It’s been a while since I’ve put my hands to keyboard here at SFF, but I’m here, and it’s been a busy summer for us here.

I’ll not break things up in my usual format, but rather, I’ll just ramble a bit about what has been going on around here this summer. I’m sorry for the lack of photos–it’s been so busy lately that I haven’t had a chance to pick up my camera. Grab a cup of your favorite drink and sit a bit with me.

Where to start? Last time I wrote one of these posts was early in August, probably during Kieran’s 8 day visit. It was a really fun time we had with him, complete with a visit to Knott’s Berry Farm and the beach. Surprisingly, he loved the beach and Knott’s was just ok. *smile* He is definitely an outdoors boy, which is perfect, because we spend time outdoors every day over here.

I spent some time in the barn getting it pulled together and made more “homey” for myself. Since it’s my work space outdoors (as opposed to the garage, where Todd works), I needed things to be a bit more workable for me. I added some organizational items and “office” type stuff for when I need to write things down in my animal records book or on a dry erase board (so I don’t forget stuff).

Also in the barn, Todd and I were able to order and build a new chinchilla cage which has two levels, enough space for two of our chin girls. This meant that we were able to remove walls from the existing cages, giving one of our other two girls and our boy their own two story “apartment”, which they were so happy to get. I was also able to sew some fleece floor mats and hammocks, and make some kiln-dried pine shelves and hay feeders for each of their cages. These chins are movin-on-up! And I think they are happy about it.

For most of the month of August, the chins and rabbits lived in our living room, on top of my pool table. Now it is September and summer can’t seem to decide whether or not it’s winding down or not. We took the small animals back out to the barn only to turn around a few days later and bring them back in, so the pool table it is. I am getting the idea that I might need to plan to bring them in for the full months of August and September. We’ve enjoyed them and really been able to bond well with them this way, so it’s been good.

It looks like everything will be a go with breeding Naomi this year. She is large enough, old enough, and has been tested for CL, CAE, and Johne’s (she is negative for all). She has also been vaccinated (CD&T) and received her BOSE shot, and has been copper bolused and wormed. Next month, she should be able to meet her new boyfriend! *smile* I haven’t been able to tell when she is in heat, so we’ll see how that goes. For now, we don’t have an official breeding date, but stay tuned and we’ll share that when we know it.

The fall garden is planted and we are seeing various stages of sprouting in each bed, which [hopefully] means that we’ll see a fall harvest of sweet pumpkins, squash, and melons. Our hot peppers are still producing in small amounts, and our bell peppers and tomatoes are both suffering along in the heat of late. I’m hoping we’ll get a little more out of them once it cools, but we’ll see.

That’s it for now. I’m hoping to get back to taking photos soon, but this summer has me hopping in so many ways! Thanks for reading!

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Kristi Stone

Kristi Stone

Honestly? I'm the author of this blog...sometimes. My family and I live in Sunny Southern California on a one acre hobby farm where we are working diligently to one day produce our dairy, eggs, and produce. That takes A LOT of work, so if you don't hear from me as soon as you'd like, give me a shout out in the comments and I'll chat back as soon as I can between the garden, goat kids, chickens, husband, human kids, and playing with my grandboy, Kieran. And in the mean time, if you'd like to see more frequently what goes on at our farm, please feel free to join my Facebook group (see the right column) where I am more active. I'd love to get to know you! ­čÖé
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  1. Hello there Kristi,

    It has been a while, but I was sitting here at the computer and all of a sudden you came to my mind. I wondered about how you were getting along and whether you were still homesteading. I did a quick google search (I knew you no longer blogged at The Mind to Homestead) of your name and it led me here. . I am very happy to have found you again ­čÖé

    I have a lot of catching up to do around your blog, I look forward to seeing what adventures you have been up to.

    God Bless,


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