This Week on the Farmstead – May 8

Hello and greetings!

This week on the farmstead, we have a few things happening, personal and “farmy”. Personal stuff first.

Abi's "Thing 1" Costume Shirt
Our youngest, Abi, had was in a community performance of Seussical the Musical with the local community theater, which was really wonderful and so much fun for. She was part of the crew who dressed up as the “Things”. She was Thing 1 (as you can see from her shirt pictured above). As fun as it was for Abi be part of such a production, it was equally as much a bummer for her afterward when she came down with a really bad cold. Y’all know what that means, don’t you? Yep, pretty much everyone in the house got sick–well, except me. I started to feel bad on Wednesday, complete with a headache and the beginning of the sniffles, but promptly began taking fire cider, zinc, and drinking herbal tea, and the next day I was right as rain. I can still feel my sinuses threatening to fill up and my body wanting to just sit and chill, but I am nowhere near everyone else in the house got to. Thankfully, everyone is on the mend now, and we still have the weekend to finish recovering.

Mother's Day Flowers
Also, Mother’s Day is coming up and what would Mother’s Day be without the bouquet of flowers that our eldest daughter Allie sends me each year? This year she chose a most beautiful bouquet–different than the usual lilies she gets me, but even more beautiful with the lighter shades of green leaves contrasted with the white roses and smaller purple and crimson flowers. I especially love the greenery, and mostly the ferns. I’ve never received a bouquet like this one, and I really love it. Thanks Allie!

The Goats of Stone Family Farmstead
As some of you know, we picked up a couple of Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats about a month ago, and we are enjoying them immensely. Their names are Naomi (3 months) and Willow (now 3 weeks old). Willow is growing so fast, almost catching up to Naomi. Today is their first rain and they aren’t all too happy about it. Abi and I just ran out there to move them in a deluge of rain. We are completely soaked and freezing, but the girls are warm, dry, and filling their bellies with alfalfa hay in the barn. Ahh, farm life.

Speaking of farm life, what’s a farm without a garden? Today’s rain should benefit our very first garden built at our new place just as a good rain always does. This one contains tomatoes, peppers (sweet and hot), zucchini, and bocking 14 comfrey.

What’s been going on with you this week?

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