This Week on the Farmstead – May 15

Hey Y’all and Happy Friday!

It’s been an eventful week here at the farm and let me tell you–not all of the events were fun! But some were, and so we’ll focus on those for the most part.

Hey remember last week when I mentioned that I thought I was getting sick? (This is the not fun part we’ll focus on for a minute, then I promise we’ll move on.) Ok, so yeah, I did end up getting pretty sick. Oddly, it wasn’t until Saturday that I really got hit hard, though. I was feeling headache-y last Wednesday so, as I mentioned, I began taking fire cider that morning and the next day, I felt just fine. Friday I was ok too, but Saturday I really started feeling poorly, so Todd and I ran out to run our errands before the worst of it hit me. One of the places we stopped was Tractor Supply Co. to pick up a half bale of timothy hay for the rabbits. If you are a farm person and have ever been to TSC, you know that you don’t just walk out with what you came for. We ended up walking out with the most beautiful windmill for our front yard. This is my anniversary gift from Todd.

Windmill - Stone Family FarmsteadIt’s 10 feet tall and super quiet. I just love it.

Willow - Stone Family FarmsteadSweet little Willow turned 5 weeks today and is getting so big. I could swear that she is double the size she was when we got her. I’m so glad that I let my friend Stacey talk me into keeping her on goat milk (versus cow’s milk or a milk replacer). She was 100% right.

Naomi - Stone Family FarmNaomi, on the other hand seems to be remaining the same size. I think Willow might catch up soon! Nothing unusual about Naomi at all, she’s just as healthy and adorable as ever. She’s really a beautiful, delicate creature, unlike Willow, who is a real spark plug.

Marigold - Stone Family FarmsteadWe had some rains last week, RIGHT after I planted a marigold, lavender, and rosemary garden next to the front walk. Where I hadn’t had much luck keeping marigolds around at the old place, the ones I put in here are thriving quite nicely. I’ll have to remember not to deadhead these, though, as they need to be able to release the seeds that are inside of them so they come back next year. It sure will be nice to have a nice big marigold garden that I can harvest and dry for use in my homemade chicken feed.

First Blackberries - Stone Family FarmsteadWe’re getting our first blackberries this year, and though we won’t get many because these are young plants, we are thankful. They look delicious already and they aren’t even ripe. I can’t wait to taste them!

Zucchini - Stone Family FarmsteadOur zucchini is growing nicely, but the fruit seems to be getting some blossom end rot. Those that know about growing zucchini say that means there is a calcium deficiency in the soil. I think I’ll need to apply some ground eggs shells around each one just for good measure. I hope it works.

Bocking 14 ComfreyRemember I mentioned my Bocking 14 Comfrey that I bought in the mail? It was the first time I had ever bought a root of a plant in the mail, and I was really hoping it would catch on and grow well here. It’s really thriving and in addition to being a pretty plant in itself, it will give me many months of nutritious feed for the rabbits and chickens.

Bella - Stone Family FarmsteadThere’s been more rain at the end of this week and the rain drives poor Bella crazy. She can’t stand to get wet, so for her it’s all waiting until it’s not raining anymore before she’ll go to the bathroom. Crazy girl!

Well, I guess that’s pretty much it for this edition of “This Week on the Farmstead”. I hope you are enjoying seeing what we’re doing here! Have a great weekend!

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