This Week on the Farmstead – July 3

Hey hey, everyone! It’s Friday again, which means I’m going to tell you all about what’s going on around here at the farmstead! Sorry I’m late getting this up, but my blog server went down for a bit this morning, and then our internet went down! All is well now, though, so grab your cup (I’ve got mine!) and we’ll have a little chat.

This Week on the Farmstead - July 3 - Stone Family Farmstead

Family and Personal News

This week, Abi finished up her community theater camp with a choir show last Friday night. It was great fun to hear all of the different medleys that the kids sang–most all songs that we knew (read: OLD songs, ha ha). Abi had a small solo part and she did a great job. It was her first time singing in front of a crowd, and must have been so nerve-wracking, but it certainly didn’t show. We really enjoyed the whole show, and especially her part (of course). Here’s a pic I snapped with my phone after the show. Look at those big smiles!

Abi Theater Camp - Stone Family Farmstead

Abi (middle) and two–I mean three–of her fellow theater buddies.

Tonight is a super big night for Todd and I—we are having Kieran over to spend the night for the very first time. Any grandparents out there remember that experience? We are really looking forward to having him over–we always do–and this night is no different. We just hope he doesn’t miss his mama and daddy too much. Tomorrow, we are making tamales with the family. All of the kids will be here, as well as my dad. We’ll all be assembling and eating tamales all day long and probably watching movies, playing pool, and eating junk food. Yum!

Last weekend, we had friends out for (what is supposed to be) our monthly game night. My friend Pam’s two grandsons helped me with my evening chores, which was really fun to watch. I got a ton of photos of them enjoying the farmstead, but had to narrow them down to my three favorites.

Feeding Willow - Stone Family Farmstead

Meeting the Chickens - Stone Family Farmstead

Enjoying the Goaties - Stone Family Farmstead

My friend Pam feeding spoiling Naomi and Willow.


Todd and I finally finished the fencing around my garden area last weekend. It turned out really nice! There are two gates on either side of the fenced area so I can get in and out of the area from either side. It’s kind of a hassle with my bungee cord closures, but they work for now. I use the bungee cords to close the gates tightly so the chickens can free range in the garden and compost, and get some fresh air outside of the coop.

Fencing in the Garden - Stone Family Farmstead

On the same day that we finished the fence, Todd cut a door in the chicken coop for me so I could let the chickens out each morning.

Making the Coop Door - Stone Family Farmstead

I had originally wanted one of those automatic doors that open at dawn and close at dusk, but since those are a couple hundred dollars, I settled for the somewhere-around-20-bucks model. I’m happy with it, and especially with the savings.

Coop Door - stone Family Farmstead

Yesterday, my friend Stacey dropped off a huge truckload of wood from felled trees on her property. We had a thunderstorm with high winds on Tuesday, and one of her indigenous willow trees went down. The volunteer staff at Mr. Joe’s Farm made quick work of it, and we were able to benefit from it. Thanks to Stacey and Mr. Joe’s Farm for all of the warmth it will provide us this winter!

Stacked Wood - Stone Family Farmstead

How much wood do you think Stacey and I chucked that day? he he


Our squash plants are finally slowing down on their production. I really wish I had planted a few more. Maybe I still have some time, I’ll have to check into that today. That thunderstorm with high winds last Tuesday did them in, I think.

Our 24 feet of Blue Lake Bush beans are all coming up, and I’m really hoping for a decent harvest this year. I gambled a bit and planted them in peat-moss-filled furrows that were dug out of a bed of pure horse manure that had been composting for about two months. I really hope this works, but gardening is always trial and error. I just hope it wasn’t a bad error!

Blue Lake Bush Beans - Stone Family Farmstead

The tomatoes are still not doing much. The beefsteak tomato has a few on it, and the plant that I shared a photo of in last week’s post has one or two on it (the chickens actually pecked at one of them, darn it), but that’s about it. I’m thinking that perhaps the heat has been too much for them to set fruit. It’s supposed to be in the mid 90s for the next week, so perhaps they will get to work and start producing. I’ve been using my banana peel fertilizer to boost their potassium, but I think I need to add some phosphorus too. I almost think that there is probably way too much nitrogen in that soil for them to produce well, which was my bad. Next year, I will for sure focus more on providing my plants a more balanced soil to grow in. There’s always so much to learn!

The peppers are still producing slowly. I’m just not sure if I should be harvesting what is on there so the plant can grow larger, or if I should leave the fruit on and allow it to get bigger. I’m inclined to harvest the small peppers and let the plants grow bigger. Also, I’m thinking if I harvest, the plant will probably produce more, just like the squash plants did. What do you think?

This week my moringa tree saplings are looking much better. I moved them to a new location in the garden and quit watering them so much. I did lose one, but the rest have new, healthy looking growth on them.

Moringa Sapling - Stone Family Farmstead


The goaties are growing and growing, especially Willow. Today marks the 30th day since their first vaccinations, so I need to get that done today. I must admit—I’m kind of nervous to do it alone. It was easy last time, though, so I’m sure I can do it. Todd says he’ll hold them for me while I do the shots. Prayers for steady hands and quick shots, please!

Last weekend I treated all of the chickens for scaly leg mites and they were looking better by the next day. I’m eager to get out there and get a good look at their feet when I treat them on Sunday. They are hard to catch, so I don’t get to do that too often. Here’s what my worst girl’s feet looked like in the middle of the week. This is the same girl that is pictured in last week’s farmstead post.

Healing from Scaly Leg Mites - Stone Family Farmstead

The chickens are really enjoying their new freedom, when they use it. Some of them are still kind of leery of heading out of the coop every day, but others are quite happy in their new surroundings.

Mrs. Trumble - Stone Family Farmstead

This is quite likely the first foray into a garden that Mrs. Trumble has ever had. She enjoys herself outdoors daily now.

Chickens in the Garden - Stone Family Farmstead

Lucy and Ethel are old pros at chillin’ in the garden. They are so happy to be able to cruise around and forage for bugs again.

Chicken Dust Bath - Stone Family Farmstead

This week’s thing that freaked Bella out was a shipping box sticker. Likely, she was the one who took it off the box, but she got more than she bargained for because she stepped on it and it stuck, but good. Rather than try to take the sticker off her foot, she ran frantically through the house on three feet, trying to avoid stepping on the sticker foot. Of course, I rescued her, but not until I enjoyed the scene a little bit. Poor Bella, she’s such a funny puppy.

Bella of Stone Family Farmstead

Beautiful, anxious Bella.

Wrapping Up

There is always so much more to say, but if you’ve been sitting here as long as I have, you are behind on your farmstead chores. I’ll let you go so I can get in the kitchen and get my tamale meat and non-GMO masa prepared for tomorrow. Have a wonderful, wonderful 4th of July with your families, and a fantastic rest of the weekend!

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  1. What a busy place! So much going on…. looks good. 🙂 I like the saving money on the chicken door… we would have done the same thing. 🙂

    • Hey Gentle Joy! Yep, I’m on a use-what-we’ve-got/spend-less-on-what-we-need kick that I’m trying to make into an everyday reality here. There is always so many needs on a farm that to buy everything is just too expensive. Maybe one day I can get a chicken door, but in the mean time, I love the savings. 🙂

  2. Lots of good stuff happenin’ there! Summer is a busy place for you, I guess. All the critters look mighty happy.

    • It is! So much to do and SO much heat to do it in! I’m happy they are happy, we just need to keep them that way this season! Thanks for visiting, Daisy!

  3. You sound very busy. Thanks for posting at Wildcrafting Wednesday.

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