This Week{end} on the Farmstead, September 13

Good morning and happy weekend to you all! It’s been a while since I’ve put my hands to keyboard here at SFF, but I’m here, and it’s been a busy summer for us here. I’ll not break things up in my usual format, but rather, I’ll just ramble a bit about what has been going […]

This Week on the Farmstead, August 14

Good Friday morning, everyone! This one is going to have to be short because I’m trying to get it typed before Kieran gets up! This week has been pretty much non-stop for me. With all the work that I wanted to get done before Kieran got here yesterday, and all that needs to be maintained […]

This Week on the Farmstead – August 7

Hello and HaPpY fRiDaY! to all of you, dear friends! Grab your cup and set a bit while we shoot the breeze! This has been a crazy busy week, and I’m so thankful that my energy has been up lately because there have been lots of chores to do in preparation for a really big […]

This Week on the Farmstead – July 31

Happy Friday morning to my favorite readers! This week on the farmstead, it’s been HOT and sticky! And the flies have been AMAZING (and NOT in a good way)! I have one landing on me repeatedly as I type. Life on a farm, right? There’s been some talk about us bloggers showing only the good […]

This Week on the Farmstead – July 24

Happy Morning everyone! It’s Friday again, and time to grab your cup and see what is happening this week on the farmstead! Welcome! Summer is definitely here but it’s been a really weird one! It’s unheard of for July to be in the 70s and 80s in our area, but it’s been just that with […]

This Week on the Farmstead – July 17

Welcome, welcome, friends! I am so happy to are here. Grab your tall glass of lemonade or iced tea (I got mine!) and let’s shoot the breeze! This week has been an odd one for me, but really really good. I’ve been able to get some pretty hefty jobs done (and get a lot of […]

This Week on the Farmstead – July 10

Happy Friday, friends, and welcome back to our farmstead! Grab a cup of whatever floats your boat this morning and set a bit while I share what’s happening here on our peaceful little farmstead in Southern California! This week has been a really nice sort of busy. I think what has made it nice is […]

This Week on the Farmstead – July 3

Hey hey, everyone! It’s Friday again, which means I’m going to tell you all about what’s going on around here at the farmstead! Sorry I’m late getting this up, but my blog server went down for a bit this morning, and then our internet went down! All is well now, though, so grab your cup […]

This Week on the Farmstead – June 26

Thanks again for popping in and setting with me today while I chatter on about what’s been going on this past week. I’m so excited that you are here, because it’s really the one time in the week that I’m just being me, rather than teacher, if that makes sense! I love teaching but I […]

This Week on the Farmstead – June 19

Welcome to another edition of This Week on the Farmstead! I’m thrilled that so many are interested in the weekly happenings of our little hobby farm, and thank you all so much for your kind comments. Your company means the world to me! Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a few minutes, […]


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