Our Goats

We acquired our girls in April 2015 when Naomi was around 3 months and Willow was 8 days old. Naomi and Willow were bought primarily to provide milk for our family, but also to be an addition to our already growing menagerie of pets. They have been a blessing to us, bringing so much personality to our little farmstead. Let me introduce our precious girls to you.

The Goats of Stone Family FarmsteadThis is Willow and Naomi. They are Nigerian Dwarf goats, and though they will remain relatively small, they can grow to be around 75 pounds as adults.

Naomi - Stone Family FarmThis is Naomi, or more officially, Still Waters Ranch Naomi. She was born January 14th, 2015. Her sire (father) is Miracle Kids Admiral Nelson and her dam (mother) is VVR Sapphire.

Willow - Stone Family FarmsteadThis is Willow, officially known as Still Waters Ranch Willow, and she was born on April 10th, 2015. Her sire is Copper Penny River Phoenix and her dam is Atwood Acres Nina.

The Goats of Stone Family FarmsteadBoth of our girls are intended to be dairy goats, and if all goes well, they will provide our family’s milk that we will use for drinking, as well as for cheese, yogurt, milk kefir, and soap. We intend to stagger the breedings of these girls, which means that we’ll only breed one every fall until we can assess whether or not we need to breed them both each year. Because Nigerian Dwarf goats are said to produce about a quart of milk per day, we think that breeding one per year should suffice.

Both of these girls are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association, and their babies will either be sold with papers, or with the ability to be registered with the ADGA.

Naomi and Willow of Stone Family Farmstead







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