Our Babies Are Gone

It’s been a fantastic first year of learning about breeding, kidding, milking, selling babies, and everything else that raising goats has entailed. I am so happy to say that Stone Family Farmstead has successfully completed its first year of raising goats, and we are excited about our second year!

Pugsley went home with his family on June 23, and Wednesday went today. I am blessed to know that their new families will love them very much, though they are different types of families. Pugsley’s family wanted him as a pet, so he will be loved on daily by his new “family members”. Wednesday’s new family runs a Blended Farm, a farm complete with show goats and lots and lots of goatie companions. Both homes will be lovely for them.

Selling Goats - Stone Family Farmstead

Stone Family Farmstead Wednesday Addams’ new family, Nicole and David Harrison of Blended Farm

Our second year holds exciting prospects as we continue milking and learning about that process, as well as attempt to get Naomi bred.

Naomi - Stone Family Farmstead

She’s next (we hope!)

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Kristi Stone

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