Organizing and Storing Your Herbs

I’m a collector of things. If I’m interested in it, if I use it regularly, if I like it enough, I collect it. Since my study of herbs got underweigh, I’ve been collecting them by the bag and using them to make lots of great things like herbal teas, arnica balm, and of course, using them in our food. My biggest hurdle to using them, however, has been my lack of organization.

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There are many different ways to store your herbs, and usually, it’s in a spice rack because most of us only use them for culinary reasons. I have a spice rack. Actually, I have two hung directly next to each other so that they resemble one long spice rack. Though these are quite adequate for my culinary herbs, they definitely don’t provide enough space to store all of the herbs I have.

I used to store my herbs in the silver bags they came in. Some of them had a ziploc-type feature to them, making them recloseable. Others did not have that feature, which meant that I needed to use the old fold-and-clip technique. All of those bags would be piled into a cupboard somewhere making it completely inconducive to using my herbs on a regular basis.

Recently, I ran across a blog post on one of my favorite blogs, Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth. Maybe you saw that post too–it was about making your own seasoning mixes, and it included some really cute free and downloadable labels for them. I made the seasoning mixes and printed the labels for them, and I even cleaned my cupboard to make an organized place to put them all. See how pretty and clean everything looks?

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I totally dig these little labels that JES made, don’t you?

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So as I was working on this little project, I started thinking of how cool it would be if I did the same thing with my spice cupboard. I knew I would need a ton more labels–more than JES had available on her site, so I took a quick internet-browse around to see if I could find some free clip art to use on my labels.

It was a little hard to find any other round graphic that would work as nicely, so I ended up using the same one that JES used on her mix labels. I figured it was ok, though, because they would match the ones I already had in my other cupboard. “Continuity rules!” says the farm lady with WAY too much time on her hands (or so she thinks).

As for the graphic inside of the circle–I didn’t want to be a complete copycat so I found a really cute free graphic from a vintage herb advertisement. Perfect! So I made 5 pages of graphics for all of the herbs I had, and all of the herbs that I knew I would be collecting in the future, and now I’m making them available to you.

Before I share the free downloads with you, I want to talk a little about all the different ways you can store your herbs. You don’t have to use the same methods or items that I do, just print your labels out (I use 8.5″x11″ sticker paper <~~~affiliate link) and stick them on the jars and lids that you have. However, if you are a continuity freak like I am, you would use these labels on half-cup, half-pint, pint- and quart-sized regular mouth mason jar lids (plastic or metal), because they fit perfectly on them. Organizing and Storing Your Herbs 3 - Stone Family Farmstead

If you’d like to avoid using the bands with the metal lids, you can vacuum seal your lids onto your jars, which is what I do. It takes a bit more time, and it’s sort of a hassle to deal with when you want to use your herbs, but it’s worth it if you purchase your herbs in bulk. And if you are making culinary spice or medicinal herb mixes, you could drag out all of your herb jars on the same day, make up all your mixes, then vacuum seal and put away on the same day. As an alternative to vacuum sealing, you could use a couple of oxygen absorbers in your herb jars (the size of your jar and type of absorber you purchase would determine how many to use).

Your Free Herb Labels

To download these, click on the link below each graphic and it will open up a printable sheet. There are 5 of them, so don’t forget any. Once you’ve printed each page, just hit your back button to come back to the post and get the next one. Alternatively, you can right click each link and open them in new tabs. If you’d like to save them for later, you are welcome to save them to your computer for when you have your sticker paper.

The clip art used for these labels is from The Old Design Shop and Vintage Clip Art.

Download (Herb-Labels-2.25-inch-1.pdf)

Download (Herb-Labels-2.25-inch-2.pdf)

Download (Herb-Labels-2.25-inch-3.pdf)

Download (Herb-Labels-2.25-inch-4.pdf)

Download (Herb-Labels-2.25-inch-5.pdf)

Organizing and Storing Your Herbs 2 - Stone Family Farmstead

What About You?

Do you have a special system for storing your herbs? I’d love to hear about it!

Don’t know much about using herbs medicinally, but would like to? Let me recommend (affiliate link–read our full disclosure here):
Online Introductory Herbal Course

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  1. It is so nice to have a nice supply,,,, and especially to have it organized and labeled. 🙂

    • Yes, you are so right, Gentle Joy! I still have piles of jars in there, but at least I know quickly what they are either because I recognize the herb or it says it on the lid. I like it so much better this way.

  2. Nope! No special way of storing them… sandwich bags? Other than the little bottles from the store that I always reuse, I don’t have system like yours and I like it! Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for linking up at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home!


    • I like to reuse those bottles too, but now that I’m buying herbs by the pound, they don’t fit in there! ha ha Sandwich bags and smaller jars are totally fine if that’s all you need! 🙂

  3. Hey, just wanted to let you know that your post will be featured at the next Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home on Thursday.


  4. Featuring on the Homestead Blog Hop! Thanks for sharing!

  5. wow, those are way too cute!!! thanks for helping me get more organized! Another top 5 of From The Farm!! 😉

  6. I love your printable herbs tags and how you organized your herbs. I try to organize in glass jar, but I don’t have need as many as you do. Thanks for provided this valuable information and tips. Visiting from Homestead blog hop.

    • HI Marla! Thank you! I probably wouldn’t have this many either, had I not taken the classes at Herbal Academy of New England. Now that I’ve got them organized and stored, I just need to figure out how to use each one of them! I use most of them, but there are a few that I don’t have more than one use for. Time to pull out the books! Thanks for the visit!

  7. I store my herbs in jars as well. It’s easy to find what I need, they are organized and fresh. Greetings

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