Lacto-Fermenting Your Home-Grown Jalapeños

There are never enough peppers in my house! Fresh, pickled, canned with tomatoes (like Rotel)…sliced or diced on pizza, burgers, fajitas…in ketchup, on the griddle, etc. etc. etc.—there are just never enough, which is why I’m so super stoked that my garden is producing so prolifically 3 different peppers this year: jalapeños, serranos (both hot […]

Introducing Them to the Outside World: Hardening Off Your Seedlings for Planting

If seeds are a promise of what’s to come, seedlings are the path in which it will take to fruition. So you’ve got all of your happy little seedlings growing and thriving in your growing room, greenhouse, light hut, or whatever it is that you grow them in, and spring is nearing faster than you […]

Garden Bed Composting

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!” My ears perk up at the annoying sound, and my eyes that would much prefer to stay shut, blink open knowing that soon the chickens will be singing their egg song and waking up a small portion of suburbia. I immediately grab whatever mobile device is close at hand and check my […]

Questions About Squash Mosaic Virus

Ugh, viruses. I don’t care where they are or what (or who) they are affecting, they are just irritating, especially when they mess with your best laid plans. They always do, too–no one ever plans for a virus! (If you do, you’ll have to let me know your secret!) Today’s virus is brought to you […]

Dry Potassium Fertilizer from Banana Peels

I’ve been looking for ways to use what I’ve got here to fertilize my gardens. Oh, I know that I could go to the store and buy ready-made fertilizers, and sometimes I do. However, I believe that on our farm, we have more fertilizers than I can shake a stick at, and I’m determined to […]

Summer Garden Plant Info Sheet {free printable}

Garden plants have specific needs, did you know that? I have been gardening for a very long time, but every year, it’s been hit and miss for me as to whether I get any kind of decent harvest. As you may have noticed from all of the organization posts I’ve written in the past month, […]

Cheap and Easy Drip Waterers for Your Garden

Here in SoCal, we are experiencing those summer scorching middle-of-the-day temperatures that cause our garden plants so much stress. My poor water-loving squash plants are no longer satisfied with my drought-friendly Monday-Wednesday-Friday drip-watering scheduling that I’ve been employing. I’ve had to think up another plan to keep them hydrated on my off-watering days. This idea […]

Using All of the Harvest

As a homesteader, I am always trying to figure out ways to use things before they go to the landfill or compost pile. While I love that all of the nutrients from my home grown produce can go to nourishing the compost that eventually nourishes my family, I have always loved just the simple idea […]

Banana Peel Fertilizer

I totally dig the idea of using our trash once more before it goes into the bin or compost pile. It makes me feel like I’m not only getting our money’s worth for the first use, but even more than our money’s worth because of the second use. I love to make strawberry syrup from […]

Sprouting Fodder to Boost Protein + 7 Day Sprouting System

As y’all probably have gathered, I am on a quest to learn how to mix my own feed for my animals. Along with the mixing of the feed, however, there are supplements to give. For instance, goats are prone to copper deficiency, so their diet must be supplemented with goat minerals. Laying chickens need a […]


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