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Hi there, welcome to Stone Family Farmstead. (read about the Stones here)

Welcome to Stone Family FarmsteadSituated in sunny Southern California, we are a small family on a small farm raising small animals.

The Goats of Stone Family FarmsteadWe raise dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, and dairy goats here at the farmstead.

Bella the Vizsla - Stone Family Farmstead

Natural Animal Raising - Stone Family FarmsteadWe try to do this as naturally as we can using herbs and natural methods (though we do use veterinary medicine when necessary).

Green Bean Seedlings - Stone Family FarmsteadWe are aspiring to produce our own milk, eggs, and produce here at Stone Family Farmstead, as well as provide bits of information that you can use on your farmstead as well.

Fruit Vines - Stone Family Farmstead

Zucchini - Stone Family Farmstead

Come on in! - Stone Family FarmsteadSo come on in and see what’s happening here at Stone Family Farmstead. Grab a cup of your favorite drink and take some time to browse around, read our posts, and get to know us. We’d love to read your comments, too!

Todd and Kristi Stone

Barn - Stone Family Farmstead

Planting Area - Stone Family Farmstead

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