Archives for July 2016

Lacto-Fermenting Your Home-Grown Jalapeños

There are never enough peppers in my house! Fresh, pickled, canned with tomatoes (like Rotel)…sliced or diced on pizza, burgers, fajitas…in ketchup, on the griddle, etc. etc. etc.—there are just never enough, which is why I’m so super stoked that my garden is producing so prolifically 3 different peppers this year: jalapeños, serranos (both hot […]

Our Babies Are Gone

It’s been a fantastic first year of learning about breeding, kidding, milking, selling babies, and everything else that raising goats has entailed. I am so happy to say that Stone Family Farmstead has successfully completed its first year of raising goats, and we are excited about our second year! Pugsley went home with his family […]


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