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Safe Homemade and Healthy Rabbit Toys

Rabbits love to chew and for domesticated rabbits, it’s up to them to find something to fill that urge—and find it they will! It is my suggestion that you would provide healthy rabbit toys as safe alternatives for your bunny to chew on because her teeth are always growing and chewing helps to keep them […]

Simple, Delicious Homemade Kombucha

If you’ve never tried kombucha, it’s quite a treat. Bubbly, refreshing, and flavorful, kombucha is also probiotic and is a delicious way to get your fizz on and make your digestive system more healthy! This post contains affiliate links. If you click on and buy anything through them, we might make a little money, but […]

This Week on the Farmstead, August 14

Good Friday morning, everyone! This one is going to have to be short because I’m trying to get it typed before Kieran gets up! This week has been pretty much non-stop for me. With all the work that I wanted to get done before Kieran got here yesterday, and all that needs to be maintained […]

Eww! Do Rabbits Really Eat Their Own Poop?!

Picture this…you are heading out to visit your new bunny and you catch your furry friend doing something so seemingly disgusting that you want to scold him away from doing such an awful thing. He’s eating his poop! Don’t worry–this is a normal thing for your rabbit. What he is eating is not poop, however, […]

Garden Bed Composting

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!” My ears perk up at the annoying sound, and my eyes that would much prefer to stay shut, blink open knowing that soon the chickens will be singing their egg song and waking up a small portion of suburbia. I immediately grab whatever mobile device is close at hand and check my […]

Easy Homemade Strawberry Syrup from Your Trash

I’ll bet your are thinking what the heck kind of strawberry syrup I could be talking about, but stick with me, you will love this recipe. It’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s delicious, and it’s made from cast-off strawberry tops that would normally go into the trash or compost heap! Sound good? Heck yeah! If you’ve […]

This Week on the Farmstead – August 7

Hello and HaPpY fRiDaY! to all of you, dear friends! Grab your cup and set a bit while we shoot the breeze! This has been a crazy busy week, and I’m so thankful that my energy has been up lately because there have been lots of chores to do in preparation for a really big […]

Remove Mats Easily from Your Cat’s Fur

If you have ever had a cat with long hair, you will probably deal with this issue at one time or another. If your long-haired cat is old, you might very likely encounter it. We have a fantastic cat named Storm. We have had her since 1996, for almost as long as we have lived […]


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