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This Week on the Farmstead – July 31

Happy Friday morning to my favorite readers! This week on the farmstead, it’s been HOT and sticky! And the flies have been AMAZING (and NOT in a good way)! I have one landing on me repeatedly as I type. Life on a farm, right? There’s been some talk about us bloggers showing only the good […]

Why I Gave Up Organic Food–and Why It’s Good

The organic food movement is taking hold of hearts, minds, and stores all around us. Practically everywhere we go, organic food is available in produce sections and ready-made packages. So why did I give it up? Ok–I probably teased a little there, but the truth is, I did give up organic food, sort of–but not […]

Questions About Squash Mosaic Virus

Ugh, viruses. I don’t care where they are or what (or who) they are affecting, they are just irritating, especially when they mess with your best laid plans. They always do, too–no one ever plans for a virus! (If you do, you’ll have to let me know your secret!) Today’s virus is brought to you […]

This Week on the Farmstead – July 24

Happy Morning everyone! It’s Friday again, and time to grab your cup and see what is happening this week on the farmstead! Welcome! Summer is definitely here but it’s been a really weird one! It’s unheard of for July to be in the 70s and 80s in our area, but it’s been just that with […]

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat Breeding News

It’s very early still–maybe too early to share. But since this is our first year owning goats, everything is exciting, and I am going to share anyway. We found someone to work with us for our first breeding this fall! Yes! I am especially excited because I wasn’t sure that I would be able to […]

Dry Potassium Fertilizer from Banana Peels

I’ve been looking for ways to use what I’ve got here to fertilize my gardens. Oh, I know that I could go to the store and buy ready-made fertilizers, and sometimes I do. However, I believe that on our farm, we have more fertilizers than I can shake a stick at, and I’m determined to […]

Perfect Homemade Croutons from Your Old, Stale Bread

I bake our bread every two to three weeks–usually a loaf of sandwich bread and a pan of dinner rolls. The problem is that we are not huge bread eaters. Sometimes we use up all the bread quickly, and others, we just don’t. I do love bread, but as a family, we don’t always get […]

This Week on the Farmstead – July 17

Welcome, welcome, friends! I am so happy to are here. Grab your tall glass of lemonade or iced tea (I got mine!) and let’s shoot the breeze! This week has been an odd one for me, but really really good. I’ve been able to get some pretty hefty jobs done (and get a lot of […]

The Cooling Off the Barn Saga, Part 2

Here in the Inland Empire, we can get some pretty hot temperatures in the summer time. So hot that the animals are stressed enough to make us stressed! When that happens, it’s time to get to work. As you may remember, I had been working on cooling off the barn in hopes to make an […]

This Week on the Farmstead – July 10

Happy Friday, friends, and welcome back to our farmstead! Grab a cup of whatever floats your boat this morning and set a bit while I share what’s happening here on our peaceful little farmstead in Southern California! This week has been a really nice sort of busy. I think what has made it nice is […]


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