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MYO Animal Records Quick Reference {free printable}

I like to be organized. I like for my home and farmstead to work like a well-oiled machine. I’ll bet you already knew that about me though. I’ve been noodling organizational ideas that extend beyond the inside of my home to the outside, and this one is a really great idea. This idea came about […]

This Week on the Farmstead – June 26

Thanks again for popping in and setting with me today while I chatter on about what’s been going on this past week. I’m so excited that you are here, because it’s really the one time in the week that I’m just being me, rather than teacher, if that makes sense! I love teaching but I […]

Keeping Flies Out of the Rabbit Hutch Naturally

Keeping animals outdoors often means a gathering of pesky flies in our barn, yard, or both. Flies are an inevitability as we move into the spring and summer months, and keeping flies out of the rabbit hutch is a job not to be taken lightly. Rabbits are especially vulnerable to swarms of flies because they […]

Get Organized! MYO Control Center for Your Farmstead

Overwhelmed by all you have to do on your farm? In your home? Getting organized can be easy if you just take control. How do you take control if you are already feeling out of control? Get organized! Let’s face it–homesteading, farming, or whatever it is you do along those lines is busy work! There […]

The Cooling off the Barn Saga, Part 1

I love a barn. I mean REALLY. Ever since my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Warner, read Charlotte’s Web to the class, I have been somewhat enamored with barns. I don’t really care what they look like, but if there are hay and animals in there, I love it. After all, that’s where Fern took care […]

Banana Peel Fertilizer

I totally dig the idea of using our trash once more before it goes into the bin or compost pile. It makes me feel like I’m not only getting our money’s worth for the first use, but even more than our money’s worth because of the second use. I love to make strawberry syrup from […]

This Week on the Farmstead – June 19

Welcome to another edition of This Week on the Farmstead! I’m thrilled that so many are interested in the weekly happenings of our little hobby farm, and thank you all so much for your kind comments. Your company means the world to me! Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a few minutes, […]

Why Farming Has to Work for Us

There’s no going back now. We’ve moved our family and 18 years of accumulated items on our .18 of an acre to live on our new one acre hobby farm. We’ve planted trees, built gardens, added animals to the farmstead, and accumulated more items to make the life we chose for ourselves–the life we believe […]

Making the Farmstead Work Like A Well Oiled Machine

I am an organized person, but I wasn’t always. There was a time in my life when I felt so out of control that I didn’t have any idea where to even start to find peace. I prayed about it. What’s funny about prayer is that you think you are praying for one thing, then […]

Organizing and Storing Your Herbs

I’m a collector of things. If I’m interested in it, if I use it regularly, if I like it enough, I collect it. Since my study of herbs got underweigh, I’ve been collecting them by the bag and using them to make lots of great things like herbal teas, arnica balm, and of course, using […]


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